Private Events
Private Events
Parties/Private Events
Please complete and submit this request at least 6 weeks prior to the date of your event. A staff member will contact you to confirm your event date and details.
Basic Information:
Event Name:  * 
Requestor’s Name  * 
Your Email Address  * 
Contact Phone Number  * 
Alternate Contact Phone Number:
Requested Date (First Choice)  * 
Alternate Date (will be used only if "First Choice" date is not available):  * 
Event Start Time:  * 
Event End Time:  * 
Clean-up End Time:
Notes: The Main Sanctuary is not available for private events.
Deposit of $50 to reserve date. Fee is non-refundable. Balance must be paid in full 1 week before event. All fees include sound, media, facilities/cleaning, & room charge. *If for a Fountain Member, fees are waived as long as cleaning is done by member. If cleaning is not complete, $100 cleaning fee will be charged.
Small Sanctuary (Capacity 150) $300*  * 
FLI-Kitchen (small-available for minimal food prep.) $50 with rental of Small Sanctuary*  * 
Prayer House (Capacity 20-25) Includes a kitchen, bathroom and backyard area. $100*  * 
Tables and Chairs:
Number of Chairs:  * 
Number of Round Tables (wooden).  * 
Number of Round Tables (plastic).  * 
Number of Rectangular Tables. (Six foot)  * 
Number of Rectangular Tables (Eight Foot)  * 
Additional Equipment Requested:
Coffee maker  * 
Podium  * 
Music stand  * 
If you will be using the in-house system and/or media/projection equipment, then as required by The Fountain, one of our sound and/or media engineers is required to be present.
There is a $100 per system fee required to cover the engineers’ time and services.
Sound requirements
Music (Must be preloaded on an iPod, as we do not have the ability to play CDs.)  * 
ProPresenter and/or Projection System  * 
Please specify any additional sound and media needs for your event. * 
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